This Business Called Living: A Refill When The Well Runs Dry

92 Nutritional Nuggets, Promise Passages, and Building Principles to Thrive On


In this inspirational handbook, Eric Majette provides 92 life-enhancing Nutritional Nuggets, Promise Passages, and Building Principles to thrive on. The vital information needed for this business we call living is applicable advice that will help you take your life to the next level. It is a roadmap of knowledge for visionaries that are always supporting and pouring into others; it’s necessary for those need the chance to get a refill for themselves when they have nobody else to pour into them.


This handbook of practical and easily applicable life lessons is based on developing your complete being through spirituality and principles: looking within and not from without. You have the power within you from the Creator to speak over your life and manifest what you will. Many times we are searching for answers that we need from sources other than ourselves, when in fact, we have within us everything we need to succeed in life. There’s nothing that you have to seek externally, not even the Creator, because the Creator and everything else you seek, is all within. Remember you cannot separate the Creator from the creation. Eric Majette, Jr. is a certified life coach, an educator, an internationally acclaimed historian, motivational speaker, museum curator, a businessman, a celebrity booking agent, a documentary filmmaker, a philanthropist, and a Morehouse Man.


Mr. Majette has been bestowed the title of “The Keeper of the Jewels,” by the late legendary Civil and Human Rights Activist and Comedian, Dick Gregory, for having one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive traveling Black History collections in the world. He has traveled to six of seven continents and lived abroad in Shenzhen, China for two years. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

This Business Called Living: A Refill When The Well Runs Dry HB - Autographed


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